My street background comes out again, I decide that it's time to back to streets to make some calligrams. Walls speaks to people. This is not street art.
2 artwork abstract from my next solo show WORDPLAY, next July 2014 in Rome. thanks to my hood social collective to give me the chance to gift this piece to people. This art is popular.
Grab the Future Everyday. Own your Life.
Made for MAAM - Roma. Dec 2013.
"Che mille fiori sboccino"... for my people of Casal de Merode in Rome. July 2013
making of.... 2 days of hard working under the sun. thanks to my man Clish for working along to me.
first calligram outdoor version. rolldoor in Pigneto during festival Pigneto Città Aperta - June 2013.
original painting.
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