A selection of walls I did during 2017-2018. 
BlueFlow festival in Ventotene, a small island in the Mediterranean sea. This is the third time that the curators of this street art festival call me to leave a piece on the island.
The name of this piece is "Starred Night", a landscape portrait of the night sky view from the island, the opera is also a wish to little children, te next generation, hoping they could reach their dreams.
The big white moon words are in french: "Soyez realistes demandez l'impossible", the air balloons are dedicated to my daughter Greta and Meg, the little daughter of Marta and Lorenzo.

Blue Flow is a project created and curated by Marta Di Meglio and Lorenzo Pandolfi.
Vedo a Colori festival in Civitanova Marche (MC), created and curated by an estimated artist Giulio Vesprini. The seagull words are a quote from Ernest Hemingway's famous book "the old and sea", remarking the brutal nature, where a bird kill a fish to live.

This piece was for a project called Art - Museo Open Air in Rome, curated bye Cinzia Cuzzola, a sort of open air museum of contemporary art long a public cycle track in the north part of the city. The name of the piece is Pegasus, made by a quote from the great Mohammed Ali, The man with no imagination has no wings. this opera is part of a triptych of constellations i made on 2017.

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