PRIMO was one of the greatest MC's from the old school of Rome Hip Hop scene, and even one of the best in Italy. He died last Jan 1st 2016 and his crew "Cor Veleno" (With Poison) decided to make a big tribute live concert with MC's from whole Italy to join it.
They asked me to design the T-shirt writing his name, only his name. For me has been a real great honor to give my small tribute to him since I grew up listeting his rhymes. I never met him personally but when you listen tapes and cd's everyday since a teenager, that person is like a good old friend.
First sketches, handmade lettering.
definitve sketch.
t-shirt printed for the night show event
painting the wood panel that will be placed under the dj's consolle
work in progress.
placing the wood panels on the stage.
All photos by my man Gabriele Cigna.
Thank you for watching.
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