When the famous Hip Hop DJ Mr.Phil asked me to realize an artwork for the album cover of a Limited Edition Vynil for the 10th Anniversary of his famous song "Piombo & Fango", I couldn't believe it. I love that song. Since the original album "Guerra fra poveri " had a lettering artwork as cover - designed by one of the most internationally valuable calligrapher and lettering artist, Luca Barcellona - he wanted to have a piece of hand lettering also on this project.

I realize this calligram based on a molotow bomb shape, to be honest Mr.Phil got the idea, I just made my best to create a great artwork and added some fire on the letters.

Original Hand lettering calligram has been realized by Pentel ink on Fabriano 240 gr paper, A3 format.

You can buy directly from Mr.Phil online shop.

Thanks for watching.
You can buy the vynil and the Tee on Mr.Phil online shop.

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