Project: Decorative wall, mixing 3 artists.
Client: INMI Spallanzani in Rome
Agency: Associazione Amici Arte Moderna a Valle Giulia
Curator: Matteo Colavolpe

Description: the gallery Garage Zero called 3 italian artists, Andrea Kiv Marraodi, Gregorio Pampinella and Daniele Tozzi to mix their unique styles for creating this huge wall (around 810 sqm), painted to celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the famous Hospital INMI Spallanzani in Rome.
The result is an entire color spectrum with 13 faces of the most important scientists that made the history of scienze since 1700 till today, the latest ones still alive; embraced by a big calligraphy composing the sentence: "Lessons from the past, Challenge for the future", that is also the pay-off of the project 
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