Various Logos (2003-2010)
Ideas Competition
Project: Naming and Logo for "Azimuth-Atlantis" Yacht.
Year: 2009
Client: MaterDei - Paideia Hospital
Project: Branding for Sport Clinique Division
Year: 2008

Vertical and Horizontal disposition of text. Used font is Rotis Semi Serif.
Client: Egolab srl
Project: Entertainment Multi Media Mobile
Year: 2008
Client: Egolab srl
Project: Instant Messenger Software for Telecom Italia.
Year: 2006
Client: Architetto Valeria Pellacani
Project: Naming and Logo design
Year: 2007
Client: Public Ideas Competition
Project: Commercial Logo for Major of Rome
Year: 2003
Client: Egolab srl
Project: Various Logos made in early years in Egolab Agency. Mostly of them are services or products on websites
Year: 2003-2005
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