Italian leader Ceramic tile industry Ragno (Marazzi Group) founded 80 years ago asked me to create 2 artworks to decorate their booth on CERSAIE Fair in Bologna in October 2015. They want an image that represent the concept of their tile collection and they are looking for a flower that is a recurrant image on their brand communication.
The result was a woman silouette with a red hibiscus flower that is the impersonification of the Ragno style.
Thanks to Ikos Creative Agency based in Modena that joined me into this project.
first sketch discarded by agency
secondo sketch accepted
definitive sketch for the woman face
hibiscus flowers sketch
hibiscus flower final sketch.
watercolor on heavy paper version as gift for the company
me painting the woman face on booth wall before the opening of the fair
card series as gift for the customers
cover book of the fair catalogue
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